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With proper care it can stay like new for years. It is resistant to impact and sunlight and complies with international fire, sound and durability standards.

It does not catch fire during fire (M1-Class 1).

It covers cracks in the walls up to 1.5 mm.


The base yarn is polyester (Osnaburg) yarn. .

Textile backing often reduce operating costs on the basis of long years in the interior of complex buildings such as hotels and hospitals.

  Can be use at,

  • Corporate Offices


  • Healthcare

    • Hospitals

    • Medical Buildings/Offices

    • Assisted Living

    • Congregate Care

    • Nursing Homes

  • Hospitality

    • Hotel/Motel

    • Casinos/Resorts

    • Restaurants/Fast Food

  • Retail

  • Schools/Universities

    • Classroom

    • Office

    • Dormitory


  • Apartments/Condos


  • Government/Institutional

    • Offices

    • Airports


  • Entertainment

    • Movie Theatres

    • Legitimate Theatre

    • Amusemend Parks

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