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The richness of the patterns, the value of the models and
elegant guide to your sketches,

Gianfranco Ferré Home Wallpaper No:3

collection's unique, sophisticated and
Ferré's iconic color blue or emerald green, with metallic nuances such as golds and silvers, is featured prominently in the collection.

The creative legacy of designer Gianfranco Ferré, the icon of Italian style, the genius of geometric patterns and perfect volumes, the "Architect of Fashion", is present in the pattern details, the use of geometries and the quality of the materials used. The deepest essence of the brand can be found in some key factors such as attention to detail, right choice of materials, high quality of workmanship and experience in the use of the most innovative techniques.

The unique character of Gianfranco Ferré Home collections is constantly evolving, following a path of transformation towards a more basic, minimalist and less elaborate style in terms of decoration. The brand's latest wallpaper collection is therefore an expression of an international, artsy taste with metropolitan charm and is characterized by a constant dialogue between modern minimalism and typical features of Gianfranco Ferré's creative heritage.

With metallic nuances such as golds and silvers, Ferré's iconic color blue or emerald green is featured prominently in the collection. A wallpaper collection that will add color to your living spaces, from classical patterns to modern lines...

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