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The collaboration with Jannelli&Volpi, masters in the art of wallpaper, is the latest unique component of the MissoniHome Collection.It was a pleasure discovering shared affinities during the creation of this new Collection: deep roots in family traditions, professionalism and passion for our crafts

Rosita Missoni, Creative Director MissoniHome

When it comes to stylish color combinations and geometric prints, Missoni has been doing it the longest and arguably the best. The famous Italian fashion house was one of the first to enter the field of interior design, testament to its pioneering attitude. The runway collections were described as wearable art, and the brand's much-loved prints were seamlessly transferred into interiors.
In today's world of seasonal fashion and interiors, Missoni stands out from the crowd by offering quality-obsessed creations with no expiration date. Combining a contemporary taste with centuries-old luxury materials, the brand's Missoni Home Wallpaper Collection meets the modern and traditional demands of everyone who is interested in interiors in a single move.
After spending years loyal to the company, Rosita resigned in 1997, passing the Creative Director crown to her daughter Angela. But like many creatives, Rosita couldn't resist the urge to put her forward-thinking mind to work and launched the Missoni Home Collection in 2004 and began designing the first Missoni hotel in Edinburgh in 2009, followed by other luxury locations such as Brazil and Kuwait. Refusing to step back from fashion changes, the brand maintains its superiority and continues to develop today.

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