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Wallpapers appeal to the ear as much as the visual ...


The sound that comes out when you clap your hands spreads in waves in all directions. These waves are created when air molecules approach and move away from each other. If you are in an open place, the sound will continue to spread as it will not encounter any obstacles and it will disappear after a while. However, if you are in a closed place, the sound reflects back to you from the surfaces around you. Some of these reflections reach your ears.

Our brain is extremely good at resolving these reflections. Even if you never see where you are, you can learn a lot about its size and structure because of  reflections. If the surfaces of your space, ie walls, ceiling and floor, consist of reflective surfaces, there will be more reflections and the space may become uncomfortable for you. We call this disturbing situation noise.

Acoustic wallpapers with non-woven backing, textile surface and the highest “αw” value greatly reduce the reflection of sound in crowded environments. Provides quality communication and visual design.

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