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I created this series, which I specially designed for Tetradecor and named "Freedom", by being inspired by the freedom theory of the French philosopher Sean Paul Sartre.

In my paintings, which I made using lino-cut and high-pressure techniques and then blending them with watercolor, acrylic and ink, My figures who fly or move freely are always in action with their own free choices. Individuals live with the acts they perform themselves, During these acts my figures do not act alone, they always act in conjunction with each other, they have to act like that.


Descartes' cogito, “I think, therefore I am!”

A person who grasps himself directly with his words also finds and comprehends others; sees others as the reason, the condition of his own existence. He understands that unless others consider himself smart, bad or jealous, he cannot be really smart, bad or jealous; but when you count it, it really does. That is, in order to reach a truth about himself, He has to go through others. That is, the 'other' is necessary for both my existence and the informatics of myself.

It is within this intersubjective universe that man understands what he and others are, and once he realizes that he has set values, he can only wish for one thing: "freedom", which is the basis of all values. But when we want freedom, we realize that it depends entirely on the freedom of others, and the freedom of others depends on ours. Along with my own freedom, I am compelled to demand the freedom of others. If I do not protect the freedom of others, I cannot protect my own freedom.

(Sean Paul Sartre)

''All designs are produced specially for you by printing on the highest quality wallpapers, according to your wall size.''

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